The Divan

our leadership - the divan

The Board of Directors for Osman Shriners is called The Divan. The Divan is comprised of 12 officers, 7 elected and 5 appointed. The President of the Board is titled the Illustrious Potentate. Each officer of the Divan is assigned to specific Clubs and Units as their liaison to the board, other than the Illustrious Potentate, Treasurer, and Recorder.

The Divan

Elected Divan

Illustrious Potentate: Mark Galloway (Lori)

Chief Rabban:  James Gratias (Connie)

  • Directors Staff
  • Winona Area Shrine Club
  • Crown Jewel

Assistant Rabban:  Michael Meyer

  • Osman Cycle Corps
  • Saint Paul Zagalas
  • East Center Shrine Club

High Priest & Prophet:  Ryan Colligan (Audrey)

  • Friendly Valley Shrine Club
  • Mighty Mites
  • Sportsman’s Club
  • Pipe Band

Oriental Guide:  Brian Miller (Laurie)

  • Cannon Valley Shrine Club
  • Club & Units
  • Provost Guard

Treasurer:  Dan Flicek (Kathy)

Recorder:  Roger Robinson, PP

Appointed Divan

1st Ceremonial Master: Wiley Davis (Shelly)

  • Austin Oriental Band
  • Austin Shrine Club
  • Clowns

2nd Ceremonial Master:  Greg Sailer (Chris)

  • St Cloud Go-Karts
  • St. Cloud Shrine Club
  • St. Cloud Zagalas
  • Legion of Honor

Marshal:  Paul M. Peterson (Patti)

  • Mankato Shrine Club
  • Mankato T-Birds
  • Sheiks
  • Albert Lea Shrine Club & Cars

Captain of the Guard:  Eric Mundt (Cori)

  • Alexandria Shrine Club
  • Alexandria Calliope and Four Wheelers
  • Bowler Boys Cigar Club

Outer Guard:  Neil Clymer (Denise)

  • Provost Guard
  • Osman Membership