Directors Staff

The Director’s Staff was chartered February 4, 1946.  Previously known as the “Ring Masters” or “Wrecking Crew”, the sole duty of the Director’s Staff was to produce the Second Section of the Ceremonial or initiation of new Shriners.

The Director’s Staff is now responsible for the operation, care, and maintenance of most of Osman Shrine’s vehicles and floats, and specialized equipment, much of which has been built by the Director’s Staff.

A Calliope is also under the Unit’s care and can always be seen a parades and special events that promote Osman Shrine in the local community.  The Clown Unit was formed from the membership of the Director’s Staff.  The Camel Herder’s degree was conceived in 1956 by members of the Director’s staff and is given usually in connection with the Midwest Summer Session.  Members from the Director’ Staff have served as Circus Directors and Circus Comptroller.  The Unit also contributes a lot f time and hard work setting up stands and selling items at the Circus.

Each summer the Director’s Staff hosts a picnic for members and families.  Meetings are held on the third Monday of the month except July and August.  The Unit enjoys each other’s company while working for the welfare of Osman Shrine.