Mankato Area Shrine Club

A Charter from Osman Shrine was granted September 18, 1917, by Illustrious Potentate C. T. Spear.

The meeting of January 18, 1918, was for the purpose of arranging a New Year’s Eve dance for the coming December 31, 1918.  The next meeting was held August 14, 1919, to arrange for entertaining the Osman Shrine Nobility who were to arrive in Mankato on August 26, 1919.

The Club presented a Minstrel Show at Osman Shrine, by invitation, April 22, 1922, at a profit of $300.

The Club reorganized as the Mankato Area Shrine Club in the spring of 1951 and continues to be active.  For the first several years the Club sponsored a circus to raise fund and furnish food for the ShrinersTwinCitiesHospital.  The Mankato Area Shrine Club sponsors social events for the Mankato area and makes annual donations of money to the ShrineHospital.