Zagalas Shrine Car Club

Zagalas, the Arabic word for wheel, is a fitting name for these special interest vehicle Units.

The first meeting of the Zagalas Special Interest Car Club was held in August 1983, at the Holiday Inn South Shrine Room in Rochester.  The Club was created, dues established, the logo designed, and fezzes ordered.

There are separate Zagalas Chapters located in St. Cloud, St. Paul, and Rochester.  In 1997 the Clubs were reclassified as Units due to their parade nature and separated into individual Units rather than one Club with multiple Chapters.  They are for social outings for those Nobles who have a love of cars.  It is not required that the member own a car, only have an interest in the auto.  Individual Units participate in parades, car shows, and “cruises”.  Members encourage their ladies and families to accompany them on many of the activities.

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